How to Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is going to look a little…well, different. Families don’t have the options of going out to eat, getting a babysitter, or dropping off their kids at Sunday school. But there is still a lot you can do to show mom she’s special! We’ve come up with a few ideas for how you can help mom feel loved, even in quarantine.

Ideas for Mother’s Day

Before you dive into making plans for Mother’s Day, start by asking what makes the mom in your life feel loved. Some moms want to be pampered, but others feel more rested when they can do something active. If you’re not sure what would make mom feel cherished, ask her! And if your kids are old enough, get their input on what to do for mom this weekend.

1. Restful Quality Time

One of the most valuable gifts you can give mom is the gift of time, whether that’s alone time or quality time in important relationships. Does she miss having time in prayer and God’s Word or even just to read a book she enjoys? Does she love going on walks in nature or being able to exercise? Maybe she just needs a while to soak in a bath. Make space for whatever helps her feel rested.

Jessica Lea
Jessica Lea
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