Mama, Friendship Looks Different in Your 30’s Than it Used to

– Now it looks like “Hey, why don’t y’all grab lunch and come hang out while the baby naps?”

– Now it looks like quick little chats in the aisles at Target.

– Now it looks like “Girl, I know. I’ve been there too, and it is so hard. I’m here for you.”

– Now it looks like Marco Polo messages and Snapchat pictures and tagging each other in memes on Facebook.

– Now it looks like “I dropped off a cup of coffee and a box of cookies on your front porch.”

– Now it looks like “I’ll come, but only if I can wear stretchy pants.”

– Now it looks like “I’m not free until 2026.”

– Now it looks like “I miss you” and meaning it with your whole heart.

Whatever you have to do, however you have to do it — make time for your friendships. Squeeze in phone dates and play dates and dinner dates as often as possible. Don’t push it off. Don’t push them off. Make time for the people who feel like home.

Amy Weatherly
Amy Weatherly
Amy Weatherly loves bright lipstick, graphic tees, and Diet Dr. Pepper a little more than she probably should. Most days, you can find her in sweatpants and earrings the size of her face shuffling kids back and forth like a crazy person. Her family is her home. Her friends are her safe space. And her passion is helping women find courage, confidence, and the deep-rooted belief that their life has a deep and significant purpose if they will just find the courage to live fierce and love free. You have probably seen her face on The Today Show website,, Good Morning America,, Love What Matters, Focus on the Family, and of course, her own social media pages. She was also named one of the Top 20 Mom Bloggers to follow in 2018 by MomCafe. Make sure to come follow her on Facebook.

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