‘Your Phone is Not Your Property’ And Other Screen Time Rules I Give My Kids

Ten people sharing space under our one small-ish roof means that privacy is a premium luxury. It’s obviously something that is mandatory while using the restroom, taking a shower or getting dressed. But, other than that, it is a commodity found few and far between around here. Most especially when we are talking about electronics.

Oh, electronics. The bane of my motherly existence. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with smart technology and young people. I love being able to get a hold of my children within seconds (and it seriously must be within seconds: hell hath no fury if Mama calls and no one answers). I love the peace of mind of knowing if they need me, I am within their reach at all times.

But, I cannot stand seeing their faces hidden behind screens every time I look at them (but when I speak, they better look up). I despise the addictive quality of so many games and apps and I get so frustrated when their idea of hanging out with their friends consists of sharing the same couch while conversing with other people over their phones.


While I don’t think there are really any absolute right or wrong answers when it comes to technology expectations and limits within the home, like any house rules set in place, each family will respond and react to them differently. My husband and I have had a few guidelines of our own since our oldest received his first phone years ago and they continue to serve us well.

Kristin Gambaccini
Kristin Gambaccini
A 30-something SAH Ohio mom to 8. I'm just a mediocre mom attempting to raise a tribe of exceptional people and I write about it all with a whole lot of honesty and a little bit of humor. Because if you don't laugh, you'll cry. And it would be one of those ugly cries that makes your mascara still sorta on from last night smear

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