Why I’m Grateful for My Infertility

This. This is why I’m grateful for my infertility.

It is hard, especially during all those years of uncertainty… The tests, the medicines, the surgeries. The heartbreak at every period’s beginning. But I would endure hundreds more for these 5.

You see, if I hadn’t experienced infertility, I wouldn’t be their mom. To be honest, I don’t know if we would have pursued adoption if we had been able to have kids on our own. We certainly wouldn’t have fostered.

This week is #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek. While I’m thankful for my infertility every moment of every day, this week I get to share with you the hope I found in the midst of my infertility.

Kristal Black
Kristal Blackhttps://wearezero2five.com
We went from zero to five kids overnight through the miracle of foster care and adoption. Now, we are learning how to be parents while our kids are learning to be a part of a family. Follow along on our adventures as we seek to encourage others in foster care, adoption or are curious about foster care and adoption.

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