Yesterday Was an Extremely Frustrating Reminder That I Am a Woman

Women need to be able to walk into a shop of any kind and not be worried about being taken advantage of.

Women have their own voices and they shouldn’t have to rely on a man to speak for them because their voice isn’t heard or their words aren’t believed.

Today I am sitting in the dealership waiting as my car is being looked at, not because I said it needed it, but because my dad and ex-husband said it needed it.

Today I’m thankful it will be fixed, but I’m sad it took someone else speaking for me for it to happen.

Photo via Jaclyn Wetzel


This post originally appeared on Facebook, published with permission.

Jacalyn Wetzel
Jacalyn Wetzel
Jacalyn is a mother of four, and the creator of the blog Stop Yelling Please. She writes about motherhood in a way that most can relate. Jacalyn’s passion is parenting and relating to parents who may be struggling with the day to day. She’s a speaker and author of the book “Taming the Wild Child: A Practical Guide to Navigating the Early Years.” Her work has appeared on HuffPost, Mamalode, Today Parenting Team, Her View From Home and Filter Free Parenting. Jacalyn also co-hosts the podcast Jess and Jay’s Guide to Nothing in Particular.

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