24 Wives Prank Husbands Into Wearing Matching Shirts to Church

A clever group of women is winning the internet this week after not one, not two, but 24 of them somehow managed to dress the men in their family in matching shirts for church one Sunday.

It was your typical Sunday morning at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida when Tamara Weatherbee started filming each of the men arriving at church. One by one, the men got out of their cars or entered the worship center only to realize they unintentionally matched well, every other man in the building.

Wives Plan Matching Shirt Prank

It turns out that several wives devised the plan at a baby shower a few weeks prior. They all bought the same pink and blue plaid checkered shirt from Costco, and somehow convinced their husbands and sons to wear the shirt on Sunday, February 13th, in honor of Valentine’s Day.

As each man walks into the building, more and more of them are let in on the practical joke that had everyone cracking up.

Tamara, whose husband Anthony is the Assistant Pastor at Lighthouse Baptist church says that part of what made the plan work was that the ladies agreed to not only keep it a secret from their husbands, but also their kids.

She said she knew if the kids caught wind of it, the whole prank would be blown.

The plan originally came about at a fellow church-member’s baby shower a few weeks before. The women were all together and thought it would be funny to pull the prank, but had to come up with a convincing way to get their husbands on board with the chosen shirt.

Tamara says they landed on pulling the prank for the churches Valentine’s Day banquet as a way to plead with their husbands to match the family, get into the spirit, and wear something “special” in honor of the holiday.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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