31 Hilariously Clever Fantasy Football Team Names to Win Your League with Laughs

Creating the perfect fantasy football team starts with choosing a name that captures the essence of your team’s spirit, strategy, and, of course, your sense of humor. A clever fantasy football name can set the tone for your season, bringing a smile to your face even when your draft picks don’t play out as planned. Below, you’ll find 31 funny fantasy football names, each designed to get a laugh out of your league mates while showcasing your wit and creativity.

31 Funny Fantasy Football Names

1. Victorious Secret

For the manager who loves a good play on words, mixing the world of fashion with football.

2. Game of Throws

Perfect for fans of the iconic series who understand that fantasy football, much like the quest for the Iron Throne, is all about strategy and betrayal.

3. Show Me the Money!

A shout-out to the classic line from “Jerry Maguire,” ideal for those who are in it to win it.

4. The Brady Bunch

For teams looking to channel the greatness of Tom Brady or those who just appreciate a good sitcom reference.

5. Dak to the Future

Dak Prescott fans and “Back to the Future” enthusiasts alike can appreciate this clever fusion.

6. Run CMC

A play on the iconic music group Run DMC, perfect for Christian McCaffrey owners.

7. Mahomes Alone

For fans of Patrick Mahomes and the classic holiday movie, “Home Alone.”

8. Can’t Touch This

Channeling MC Hammer, this name is for the team that’s too legit to quit.

9. Alvin and the Chipmunks

A fun option for Alvin Kamara managers who also have a soft spot for those singing rodents.

10. Baker’s Dozen

A nod to Baker Mayfield and a hint at the numerous attempts it might take to clinch your league’s championship.

11. The Gurley Gates

A tribute to Todd Gurley, perfect for teams that are all about breaking barriers and setting records.

12. Watt’s Up

For fans of J.J. Watt or those who like to keep things electric on the field.

13. Russell Sprouts

A veggie-themed pun that Russell Wilson fans will love.

14. Goff Balls

A playful jab at Jared Goff, suitable for leagues that don’t take themselves too seriously.

15. Kittle Corn

For teams captained by George Kittle enthusiasts or those who just really love their snacks.

16. Aaron it Out

For the Aaron Rodgers admirers who appreciate a good air attack.

17. Kamara Shy

A cheeky name for those who believe in Alvin Kamara’s ability to shy away from tackles.

18. Thielen Like a Million Bucks

For Adam Thielen fans or anyone who’s feeling particularly confident about their lineup.

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