Atlanta School’s Twitter Account Trolls Students Who Want a Snow Day and It Is HILARIOUS!

An Atlanta school Twitter account trolls students hoping for a snow day and it is EPIC!

It’s WINTER, and where I live in Ohio, a little snow is no big deal. But this week in the south, there’s been a cold snap, and many southern schools are closing or delaying purely based on forecasts, not on actual SNOW. However, one Atlanta-area school district, Cherokee County Schools, was holding out this week, leaving anxious students hanging and DYING to know if they would get a snow day. Some of these ingenious students took to Twitter to try and cajole Cherokee County into closing, but the school system fired back with some of the FUNNIEST tweets ever, totally TROLLING the student body! Here are some of my hilarious favorites!



Congrats to Cherokee Country for winning Twitter last night AND having such a funny person running their account. I mean, I think he or she really connected with the students, don’t you??

Hope you guys had a great school day, anyway!

Jenny Rapson
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