Music: Its Powerful Influence On A Teens Love Life

Just like we did, our teens love music. They have access to more music than we ever did. At the top of the list is a love song for teens.

Love songs for teens

Music — Its influence on your teenager’s love life is greater than you realize.

Have you forgotten how important of a role music played in your life as a teenager? I remember as a teenager listening to love songs such as “No Air,” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, or popular breakup songs like “Hurt,” by Christina Aguilera. Based on whatever stage my love life was in, I would select my playlist. Was I in the middle of starting a new relationship, or was I trying to sweep up the debris from the last one? My music choice always agreed with my emotions. The music made me feel twice as excited about the possibilities of a new boyfriend! But, it also made me feel twice as much despair about the loss of one. The influence of music on our teenagers and how they handle their love life is so much greater than we realize. Let’s break it down.

Driver’s License

When this song was released, it debuted as No.1, and that is no surprise to me. The song is laden with emotional words and imagery that tells of a young girl’s heartbreak. As I stated in the introduction, we all enjoy listening to music that we can relate to. Write a song on a minor scale, add some melancholy lyrics, and share your sorrowful feelings about your breakup and you’ve got a hit! Olivia Rodrigo, who is best known for her role in Disney+’s High School Musical – The MusicalThe Series, totally hit it out of the park on this release. And why wouldn’t she? She’s affirming the strong emotions of your teenager who thinks their world just ended along with their relationship.


Ariana Grande certainly served up an emotional platter for her fans. As a teenager, your love life and the emotional attachments connected to it could be strengthened by listening to a certain song. Change the minor key to major, throw in some heartwarming lyrics, and expose the passion behind your love. Voila, another hit! She wrote a song about being madly in love, so what? The deep feelings your teenager is playing into by listening to this music is heightening the expectations of their love life. Songs create an environment in which we can fantasize about things or create a reality that isn’t actually true.

Bethany Dumbleton
Bethany Dumbleton
Bethany Dumbleton is the Chief Operations Officer for Counter Culture mom. She is first and foremost a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Her husband and two children are her main ministry which overflows into her life ministry. She knows that our children follow our example. She strives to help parents grow in Christ, so they may shepherd their children biblically.

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