Mom’s Special Letter From Santa for First Responders and Parents Who Work on Christmas

If there’s one day every year that families should be together, it’s Christmas, isn’t it? Something about the season of thanks and giving, love and joy, it only makes sense that you would celebrate with the ones you love. Unfortunately, that’s not always the reality for thousands of families of first responders — whose mom, dad, or loved ones have to work over the Christmas holiday. So, Santa ended up writing a special letter.

One mom created a letter from Santa for families of first responders

When Virginia mom, Stephanie Davi, learned that her military husband would be working on Christmas day, she crafted a beautiful way for her family to still get to spend the holiday together. And the internet cannot get enough of it!

In a special letter from Santa that has now gone viral, the mother of two explains to kids of military and first responder families that Christmas will be happening a different way this year — back in 2018. And, Stephanie Lynn has received requests for similar letters every year since.

“I know sometimes your mom or dad can’t be home on Christmas Day because they’re working – keeping us safe and healthy,” the letter reads. “I want your whole family to have a very special Christmas morning – together.”

Courtesy of Stephanie Davi

“With that in mind,” it continues, “my elves have helped me set up a few special deliveries just for you.”

The letter then has a list of alternative dates which can be checked off by “Santa” himself to denote when he will be stopping by.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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