Mom’s Special Letter From Santa for First Responders and Parents Who Work on Christmas

Christmas 2022 is no different — Santa wrote a new letter to families of first responders

Stephanie wrote yet another letter this year for the families of first responders and others who work on Christmas Day.

She admitted in the post that she planned to not write another letter this year. “It’s been 5 years.” Stephanie recalls. “I didn’t think anyone would want them, and frankly, I’ve had a lot going on this year. At this point, there’s a knock-off or two floating around out there anyways. I get tagged on the posts frequently. It’s fine— I’m so glad this idea and my words have been able to help so many people.

“But again this year I am overwhelmed with private messages. People are searching for the letter, they’re waiting for “the original.” So here they are, Alternative Delivery 2022. You’ll find a letter for military and first responders; healthcare; flight; “general use”; divorced families; and a special “if you just PCSed” for the mil kids worried that Santa can’t find them.

“I wish you all a very, Merry Christmas, whenever you celebrate.

“As usual I ask that you please don’t sell this; it is a gift, not a money-maker. I have never made a penny from this project, and neither should you.”

The post is full of reactions, comments, and shares. The letter template is so helpful for families with little ones. Here are a few comments from readers.

“This is an absolutely beautiful thing that is a legacy. You will leave forever. There will be plenty of knockoffs but they won’t be yours and they won’t come from the same kind heart.”

“I love that you share this beautiful letter each year.”

“Merry Christmas- whatever day that may be for your family!” Stephanie writes.

Courtesy of Stephanie Davi

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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