Warning: Cross-Dressing Drag Tots Cartoon Coming to a Screen Near You!

It’s not like you can fully trust Netflix with your kids’ viewing, but this new Drag Tots cartoon has Christian parents and movie reviewers up in arms. Drag Tots is a new animated series set in a grammar school for tiny drag queens.

Rod Dreher writes that “Netflix is turning drag queens into animated superheroes, and RuPaul’s streaming service is turning drag queens into child superheroes.”

Drag Tots Cartoon Features Baby Drag Queens

Eric Diaz on Nerdist.com writes: “You know your franchise has reached peak pop-culture importance when it gets a cartoon ‘baby’ version of itself (see: Muppet Babies, Flintstones Kids, Care Bears Babies, etc.). Well, now one of the most culturally important franchises of the current moment is getting its own junior version soon.”

It’s unclear what the target age is for this cartoon, but Diaz writes: “According to the official description for the series, ‘Baby drag queens attend grammar school in this new animated series for kids and grown-ups of all ages!’ ”

Drag Tots is executive-produced by well-known cross-dressing drag queen RuPaul and his World of Wonder co-founders.  According to Entertainment Weekly on ew.com: The five-episode series follows infant divas Dina Saur, Roxy Moron, Lady Liber T, Arugula, and Donatella Mewhattodoo (voiced by famous drag queens) as they use their fierce “glitter powers” to push back against the tense culture around them.

MovieGuide.org says, “More than ever, parents need to be on top of what their children may be watching, because the days of innocent Saturday morning cartoons is officially over.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Christine Yount Jones
Christine Yount Jones
Christine Yount Jones is Content Director for Outreach Media Group. She has published several books and hundreds of articles about ministry in the last three decades. Before his death in 2003, Michael Yount and Christine had three children. Now, she and her husband, Ray Jones, together have five grown kids.

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