21 Easiest Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

More Easy Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

12. He Said, She Said

This super fun baby shower game for large groups has shower guest guessing “who said it?” To play, ask the same questions and take an answer from both mom-to-be and dad-to-be. Choose your questions carefully to get maximum laughs from your guests! You can make your own answer sheet and have guests choose between Mama and Daddy, or you can order a cute custom-made one like this from Etsy. Whoever gets the most answers right wins a prize…and gets street cred for being able to get inside the parents-to-be’s heads!

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13. Baby Emoji Pictionary

This fun and unique baby shower game for modern times is SURE to be unforgettable! Play this game by having your family and friends guess the baby-themed words and phrases from the corresponding sets of emojis. You can make your own or purchase this cute set of game boards on Etsy from the HappyBabyPrintables shop!

baby shower games for large groups

14. Baby Predictions and Advice

This is SUCH a cute idea because it also turns into an instant keepsake for the mom to be! You can easily make and print sheets of paper for your guests to write their predictions about who the new baby will look like, what he or she will weigh, etc. Mom and Dad will have SO much fun going everyone’s answers after the baby is born to see who was right, who was close, and who was waaaay off. If you don’t want to make your own, you can also purchase these cute ready-made sheets from NordicFleur on Etsy!

baby shower games for large groups

15. Baby Shower Scratch Tickets

If you’re not really into baby shower games for large groups, but want to give guests the opportunity to win a prize for attending, these baby shower scratch tickets you can purchase on Amazon are just the thing! Each ticket has a silver scratch-off section that will reveal what’s in baby’s bottle. The winning scratch-off ticket will reveal that baby’s MILK is inside. The losing bottles feature other baby-related items. Whoever gets the lucky scratch-off ticket wins a prize!

baby shower games for large groups
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16. Guess Who?

Guess Who? Is a fun baby shower game along the lines of “He Said, She Said” where guests get to try their hand and guessing which of the baby’s parents did or said a certain baby or pregnancy-related action. The baby shower guest with the most right answers will win a prize! Once again, you can make these questions up yourself or buy some pretty pre-printed ones on Amazon.

baby shower games for large groups
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17. Don’t Say Baby

Don’t Say Baby is a classic among baby shower games for large groups. I’ve played this one many times and I ALWAYS lose. To play this game, give each guest a clothespin when he or she arrives and tell them NOT to say the word “baby.” When one guest hears another say “baby,” he or she gets to take their clothespin away. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the baby shower wins a prize. If you want some super cute clothespins for your Don’t Say Baby game, you can buy these from the MaggyCustomQuiltPlus shop on Etsy.

baby shower gifts for large groups

18. ABCs game

The ABCs game is another one where shower guest get to guess what’s on the mama-to-be’s mind! To play this baby shower game, give the guest of honor a sheet with every letter of the alphabet and have her try and fill in a baby-related item for each letter. (Like “Cradle” for the letter “C.”) Then, at the shower, give all the guests the same paper and have them to the same. Whoever has the most answers that match the Mama’s wins a prize! Once again, you can make your own printable easily, or purchase one pre-made like this one from PaperEtiquette on Etsy.

baby shower games for large groups


19. Guess Who You Are Game

This is one of my favorite baby shower games for large groups, because it is a great ice breaker! When guests arrive, each of them will be given a second identity—that of a famous person or historical character, via a stick name tag placed on their back. To figure out their own identity, guests ask questions of their fellow shower-goers with yes or no answers. The first one to guess wins. There can be first, second and third prizes. baby shower games for large groups

20. Name that baby food

For this game, you’ll need eight to ten different jars of baby food – make sure you don’t have any duplicates! Wrap each jar in foil so you can disguise what’s inside and number each jar. Write down which number goes with which food so you can keep track. Divide your shower guests into 2 teams and have a different person from each team taste each food and write down what they think it is. Whichever team gets the most right wins a prize…make sure you have enough small prizes for everyone on the team to get one.

baby shower games for large groups
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21. Baby Trivia

Who doesn’t love a good trivia game? Put your shower guests’ knowledge to the test with a trivia game focused on the subject du jour—babies! You can search the interwebz to come up with baby-themed trivia questions of your own like, “How many babies are born per year in Iceland?” or you can turn to the professionals who’ve done the work for you, and by a pre-made design like this one from Print It Baby! Whatever you do, make sure you have a great prize for the shower guest with the most obscure baby knowledge.

baby shower games for large groups

Now that we’ve armed you with a whole slew of delightful baby shower games for large groups, how will you ever choose which ones to use at the next shower you host?

A couple of things to keep in mind are which baby shower games for large groups fit with your theme, and the demographic of your guests(couples, or ladies only? Mix of ages, or mostly other young moms?), and of course, what kind of games the mama-to-be prefers as well. Whatever you choose, we hope you have a fun, stress-free baby shower hosting experience, and that you’ll bookmark this article for future ideas as well.


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