Mom Born on Leap Day Welcomes Leap Day Baby

A North Carolina Mom who was born on leap day welcomed her own leap day baby on her 40th birthday Thursday. 

Dr. Kai Sun, an assistant professor of medicine and a rheumatologist at Duke Health welcomed her third child with husband Michael Paik, on Thursday, Feb. 29 at 5:12 a.m. 

The couple, who named their 6 pound 13 ounce bundle of joy Chloe, says their daughter came three days after her Feb. 26th due date, just in time to share a unique leap day birthday with her mama.

“My husband and I were just saying how cool it would be if she were born on the same day as my birthday. And somehow, it happened,” Sun told “Good Morning America” Thursday morning. 

Chloe’s Leap Day arrival is extra special for her parents, not just because of her birth date but also because she is a rainbow baby for Sun and Paik.

“We had a miscarriage almost exactly a year ago and so that makes her more special,” Sun said.

Carrying a baby after a miscarriage can be daunting, and comes with a whole new set of fears and anxieties. With Sun being 40-years old, her high-risk pregnancy only added to the couple’s stress. 

“There was some abnormal finding on the initial ultrasound that we were nervous about. And then I had COVID. And I fell on my belly in [my] third trimester. There are just some small things that happened that made us a little nervous but everything turned out well at the end.”

Sun and her daughter are doing well she says. 

“I just hope that she knows that she’s special, not just because she has a special birthday,” the mom of three said.

As for celebrating her 40th birthday, Sun says she’s most looking forward to introducing Chloe to her older siblings Charis, 5, and Caleb, 3. The couple hopes to be discharged with their girl on Friday. 

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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