Premature Baby Girl Defies All Odds—Survives to Hug Twin Brother in Viral Photo

A photo of a set of newborn twins is warming hearts across the internet after the tiny duo was reunited two weeks after their miraculous birth.

Twins Louie and Neve were born prematurely in March at just 30 weeks because Neve wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed in the womb.

First-time mom Laura Hough said doctors were hoping to get to at least 28 weeks before performing an emergency C-section, but they warned Neve “wasn’t going to make it.” Her placenta was deteriorating and as a result, she was not receiving enough nutrients.

But 28 weeks came and went, and although Laura was making twice-weekly trips to the hospital to monitor Neve’s nutrients and placenta, the twins were able to make it two weeks longer than expected before being delivered by an emergency C-section on March 8.

At the time of their birth, Louie weighed just over 3lbs, while Neve was a mere 1lb. The two were separated so they could both receive vital care, as Neve needed nutrients, and Louie needed immediate medical intervention.

Posted by Laura Hough on Monday, March 15, 2021

Despite being told all along that Neve wouldn’t survive, the small but mighty little girl came out of the womb defying all odds.

“When they did come out, she didn’t need any oxygen at all,” Laura said of Neve. “She was fine.”

She continued, “[Doctors have] never seen a baby like her, so small without having to have any oxygen or anything to help her breathe she’s just doing it all on her own. She’s smaller than a baby’s doll but she’s doing so well, she’s unbelievable.”

Louie, on the other hand, suffered far more than his sister. Once outside of the womb, both of the little boy’s lungs collapsed.

Two weeks after being separated at birth, Neve and Louie were reunited when nurses placed them together in the same incubator. What happened next is just another gift in the series of miracles that has unfolded between these two babies.

Laura captured a series of photos in which her newborn son and daughter were seen hugging each other and holding hands.

I’ve missed you! ❤️😢

Posted by Daily Mail on Thursday, March 25, 2021

“It was horrible when they were separated at birth but I cried tears of joy when they got back together,” Laura said. “They were wrapping their legs around each other and cuddling, even holding hands at one point. They were so cute.”

Louie even appears to be kissing his sister on the head as the two share a long-overdue cuddle after weeks apart.

“To go from fearing that Neve wouldn’t make it to seeing them both cuddling and holding hands — there are no words,” she said. “When they told me that Neve wasn’t going to make it, I couldn’t think straight. It was so difficult and so scary because I was so excited to meet them but I was so worried if they were going to be OK. When they were born it was a massive relief, I couldn’t have been happier.”

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