10 Ways to Give Your Soon-to-Be College Kid the Best Last Summer at Home

As your child prepares to head off to college, the last summer at home becomes a precious time for making lasting memories and ensuring they feel loved and supported. Here are ten ways to make the most of this special summer for your soon-to-be college kid.

10 Ways to Give Your Soon-to-Be College Kid the Best Last Summer at Home

1. Plan a Family Vacation

Why It Matters: A family vacation provides a break from the usual routine and an opportunity to bond in a new environment. It’s a chance to create lasting memories and share experiences before the college adventure begins.


  • Choose a destination that everyone will enjoy, whether it’s a beach, a national park, or a cultural city.
  • Involve your soon-to-be college student in the planning process to ensure the trip includes activities they love.

Example Destination Ideas:

  • Road trip to various national parks.
  • A city break in a historical town or vibrant city.
  • A relaxing beach resort where the whole family can unwind.

2. Host a Farewell Party

Why It Matters: A farewell party allows friends and family to come together to celebrate your child’s next big step. It’s a fun way to show support and create a memorable send-off.


  • Plan the party with your child to include their favorite foods, music, and activities.
  • Consider themes that reflect their future college or their interests.

Example Party Ideas:

  • A backyard BBQ with games and a photo booth.
  • A themed party related to their future college or major.
  • A movie marathon of their favorite films.

3. Capture Memories with a Photo Book

Why It Matters: A photo book filled with memories from childhood to the present is a heartfelt keepsake. It’s a tangible way for your child to take a piece of home with them.


  • Collect photos from family albums, special events, and everyday moments.
  • Add captions and notes to the photos to provide context and share your thoughts and feelings.

Example Photo Book Services:

4. Teach Essential Life Skills

Why It Matters: Preparing your child with essential life skills ensures they can handle daily tasks and unexpected challenges while living independently.


  • Cover topics like cooking basic meals, doing laundry, budgeting, and managing time.
  • Turn these lessons into fun activities or challenges.

Example Skills to Teach:

  • How to cook simple and nutritious meals.
  • How to create and stick to a budget.
  • Basic car maintenance and safety tips.

5. Have Heart-to-Heart Conversations

Why It Matters: Open and honest conversations about their fears, expectations, and hopes for college can provide emotional support and strengthen your bond.


  • Find a quiet and comfortable setting for these talks.
  • Listen actively and offer reassurance and advice based on your own experiences.

Example Topics:

  • Handling academic pressures and stress.
  • Building new friendships and maintaining old ones.
  • Balancing schoolwork and social life.

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