Girl Dads Ask TikTok: Where Do You Take Your Daughters to Go to the Bathroom?

During a recent visit to Walt Disney World, brothers Andrew Loffa and Michael Colletti found themselves in a situation familiar to many fathers: their 2-year-old daughters needed to use the restroom. However, their approaches differed significantly, sparking a debate that has since gone viral on TikTok.

Loffa, known to many as DJ Drewski, a 36-year-old radio host, instinctively headed toward the men’s restroom with his daughter, Solar. Conversely, Colletti, a New Jersey police officer, guided his daughter, Emma, to the women’s restroom, believing it to be the cleaner and safer option.

“I was like, ‘Mike are you kidding?'” DJ Drewski recounted to “I thought he was joking around.” With no time to debate further, each dad used their preferred bathroom.

The Girl Dad Bathroom Debate

Later that day, DJ Drewski turned to TikTok to settle the debate. He explained his discomfort with entering a women’s bathroom, emphasizing respect for it as a safe space for women. Colletti, on the other hand, argued that a men’s room is not a suitable environment for a little girl, preferring the cleanliness and perceived safety of the women’s restroom. He also ensures to announce himself before entering.

@djdrewski As a “Girl Dad” which restroom are you supoose to use with your toddler DAUGHTER in public places??? #question #girldad #toddlersoftiktok #disney ♬ original sound – DJ Drewski

The TikTok post quickly amassed more than 8,000 comments, with users sharing diverse perspectives and personal anecdotes:

One commenter shared, “My dad used to bring me to the guys bathroom and have me close my eyes until we got into the stall.”

Another added, “As someone who cleaned bathrooms when I was a teenager, women’s bathrooms are NOT more clean.”

“My dad used to pick me up, and I would bury my head in his shoulder, covering my eyes, and he would announce in the men’s bathroom that he was bringing his daughter in.”

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