Mom’s Hilarious Rant About the “Stages of Summer” Is Everything

For many parents, summer means juggling the joys and challenges of having the kids at home all day. While some embrace the no-routine, total chaos lifestyle of summer, others, like TikTok creator and mom Sarah, find themselves hanging on by the thinnest of threads.

In a video that has resonated with parents everywhere, Sarah humorously checks in with her followers to see what “stage of summer” they’re in.

“Summer Mom wellness check: What stage of summer are you guys at?” she asks, clearly exhausted. “Is it ‘my kids will not cease fighting and also we cannot keep food in this home’? Because I’m deep in that one.”

@sarahmakesmelaugh Moms hows summer going are your kids fighting all of the time and if not please leave this post immediately #sos #summer #momsoftiktok #momlife #wellnesscheck #momlife #funnymoms #fyp ♬ original sound – Sarah

Sarah’s video is a candid glimpse into the reality of summer parenting. She shares how the constant bickering and the never-ending calls of “Mooooom!” have her feeling frazzled. “I will surely die if I hear one of my children say ‘Stoooooop!’ one more time. I’ll just pass,” she jokes, capturing the exasperation many parents feel.

One of the funniest moments in her video is when she recounts a trip to the grocery store with her kids. “They got this giant box of individually packaged Rice Krispie treats because I’ve given up,” she admits. Her kids begged for the treats, and in a moment of desperation, she agreed, hoping it would buy her some peace in the store. But by the time they got home, half the box was gone. “Some neighbors have been in and out, but now they’re hiding in my closet, and we’re probably going to get mice,” she shares, laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Despite the chaos, Sarah loves summer with her kids. She acknowledges that the lack of structure can make it feel like summer stretches on forever. “I feel like summer is so many days in a row,” she says. Yet, she jokes about the possibility of a little bit of school during summer as a treat for herself.

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