“Bring Your Bible to School Day”: How One Bold Teen Brought God into Her School

bring your bible to school day“When I went into the lunch room, I saw it there and [I had] a really cool sense of pride.”

Isabella also told friends about it on her bus and made an announcement at her church. “I asked my youth pastor, ’cause we have this little stage in our youth group … so I went up there and told everybody what it was about and I told them that on the day of Bring Your Bible to School Day, before school started, we could all go around the flagpole and pray.”

On the morning of the event, Isabella led her classmates in a voluntary prayer. “It was a really cool experience because all of us were holding hands and just praying and giving the glory to God.”

God Isn’t Just for Us

About 20 classmates also joined her in bringing their Bibles into the school building and reading them during free time. “This is a new thing for me because, at our school, it’s not normal to see kids praying or doing that type of stuff—people keep it to themselves if they do pray. So this is a very public thing for us to do.”bring your bible to school day

As a result, she said, “I feel like a lot more people were more open to us just having our Bibles there, just having prayer.”

It’s also opened up a chance for Isabella to have more conversations with her friends and invite them to church with her. “I think a lot of people just think that Christians hide out and we just are all enclosed and just keep the Bible to ourselves, but that’s not true. We need to share the Bible with everyone because God isn’t just for us—He needs to be shared.”

Take Action

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This piece originally appeared on BringYourBible.org, published with permission.

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