How to Use Bedtime Stories to Lead Your Kids to Jesus

Start with some of these questions.

  • When did you know God was real? 
  • Have you ever trusted Him during a hard time? 
  • What is your favorite verse? 
  • When has He answered your prayers

My prayer and hope for my kids and yours—is that WHEN (not if) they doubt their faith and have questions, we will be ready with answers. A heritage of faith—He has been around for thousands of years and He has certainly been present in our family. This is when your father trusted, your uncle, your mother. This is when God showed up. He is real. He isn’t make believe or a fairy tale.

Start recording the small and the big moments for your kids and generations to come.

Courtney DeFeo
Courtney DeFeo
Courtney DeFeo is a Georgia Peach living in Orlando with her husband and two little girls. She's a Jesus-loving mama who uses her blog to empower moms and change little lives through innovation in the home, and to give parents the tools and resources they need to raise followers of Christ. To dig in to all the encouragement Courtney has to offer, you can check out or find her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

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