Dad Didn’t Let Anyone Hold Newborn Son So Wife Could Hold the Baby First

Sharing life’s big events with family makes them all that more special. Well, most of the time. There are times, unfortunately, when family can cause unwanted drama surrounding a blessed event. The latter occurred for one dad as he welcomed his first son and chose not to let family members hold the baby until his wife was able to.

There were extenuating circumstances for this young mom. With a complicated pregnancy and emergency c-section, she was not able to hold her newborn son right after he was born. And, she wanted to be the first one to hold him.

As you might imagine, the man’s family didn’t react well to his decision. So, the dad took to Reddit and posted his story for the general public to chime in with their opinions.

Was it the right decision to not let family members hold the baby so his wife could be the first?

This dad asked Reddit readers if he was wrong “for not letting anyone hold my son when he was born”.

He further explained the situation, “This happened pre-Covid but the fight started again about a month and a half ago.”

“My wife gave birth to our son November 2019. She had a very complicated pregnancy and ended up needing an emergency c-section which we were aware could happen”

According to BoredPanda, the original post included much fo the back story. “We had talked about it for a while and she admitted hating the thought she would be the last to hold our son. So when he was born and she was still unconscious I did not allow anyone in our families to hold him, or even meet him really.” Of course, the new dad confirmed he cuddled his little one around the clock as his wife was recovering.

“They saw me but that was about it,” the man continued. “She was unconscious for four days but thankfully recovered and was able to meet and hold our son.”

“Then around January we had an incident. My wife put up some photos of her holding our son for the first time and talked about how traumatic the birth had been and wanted to raise awareness of how dangerous pregnancy and birth can be and basically just saying how grateful she was to have them both be okay.”

The new dad shared how his family reacted. “My mom and sister then really started acting like kids. Saying it wasn’t fair and we robbed them of those first few days with their grandson/nephew.”

“I told them plenty of people meet grandkids and nieces/nephews days or even weeks or months after birth and had this been Covid times it would not have happened for a lot longer.”

“But they said I was selfish and should not have done that just because my wife couldn’t meet or hold our baby.”

Rightfully concerned, this dad shared his feelings. “I am only conflicted on this because someone else suggested I robbed my son of having more interaction early on and I should have thought of him over my wife’s feelings on the whole thing.”

“While most of me is screaming hell no, I wanted to see what a bunch of internet strangers would think.”

Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
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