Hang in There Mama

When life is filled with ups and downs, hang in there.

The blessings of motherhood are within the difficult days, you just have to hold on tight…

When the kids are exhausted after a long day of school and saved all of their pent up emotions for you, hang in there and find what fills them up and allows comfort to seep back in.

When the kitchen is a complete and utter disaster, with puffy little stars spilled all over the floor, hang in there and create a silly clean up song, then pick up the mess together.

When the washing machine slows down due to being in over drive each day, hang in there and take a break from the laundry for a day or two. Trust me, the laundry can wait.

When the day gets away from you and calls and texts not returned, hang in there and know tomorrow you can pick up the phone to reconnect.

When your cup of coffee has a few sips out of it and has been reheated numerous times, hang in there and make yourself a fresh cup.

When school work isn’t coming as easily for your child, hang in there and take some time to work together to find out what is needed to make the process more successful.

When friends don’t understand your exhaustion, hang in there and try to explain your deepest thoughts and what you are struggling with. A good friend will stick around wanting to help and arrive at the door with your favorite cup of coffee.

When making another meal feels like doomsday, hang in there and order in take out or make breakfast for dinner, always a crowd pleaser.

When you haven’t had a good nights sleep in days, hang in there and rest your eyes while the kiddos have some screen time and let go of the guilt around taking a break.

When the kids aren’t getting along and the world feels as if it is spinning all around you, hang in there and share with them your concerns and what needs to change.

When the dishes keep piling up all around you, hang in there and ask for an extra helping hand.

When your hair looks oddly good for not being washed for a few days, hang in there and embrace it while you can.

When you miss the carefree days before children, hang in there and relish in the past memories but then look around at the blessings gracing your home today.

When you feel crushed by emotions, hang in there and find the key to your happiness and what works for you to not feel overwhelmed.

When a simple gesture of love emerges and graces you with the gift of knowing you are doing a good job, hang in there and soak it all in.

When you don’t understand why another eye roll came your way, hang in there and know this too shall pass.

When doors are closed more than open and your teen only appears for food, hang in there and accept the hibernation phase will end and your beautiful teen will emerge.

When a smile appears, along with a giggle, after a hard day, hang in there and let it wash over you, filling you up.

When you feel alone, even though the house is full, hang in there and look for the ways you need to fill up your cup. You are the only one who can do this.

When life throws unannounced curve balls, hang in there and find the message and lesson within it to then move forward.

When hugs come your way at exactly the right moment, hang in there and hold on tight.

When you feel lost and need to be found again, hang in there and know life ebbs and flows but you will be found once again.

Hang in there mama…all of this comes and goes in fleeting moments.

We may feel these moments are taking over us, but with time they fade into memories.

Stay strong and know this motherhood gig is hard, really hard, but you are rockin’ it!


Ali Flynn
Ali Flynn
Ali Flynn Ali lives in New York with her four teenage daughters and husband. She is excited to share with you the joys and hardships of motherhood with an open heart, laughter and some tears. You can find her at Hang in There Mama, where she keeps motherhood real.

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