‘It’s a Boy’—The Three Little Words That Changed Me Forever

I shouted to Mike that we were having a boy, as I swallowed the huge lump in my throat.  A BOY!?!  No.  Not part of my plan.  No No No.  Mike was ecstatic.  Dancing around the living room.  Swinging Mini as high as she would go.  So I danced.  And smiled.  And in my head thought, HOLY SHIT.  A BOY????

Then I met you.  The doctor handed you to me and we locked eyes.  I stared at you for a very long time.  We named you Joseph Anthony.  You were the sweetest, softest baby in the world.  And I knew.  I knew I was put here to be your mama.  But I didn’t know how.  I didn’t get the hang of diaper changes and got peed on every day for the first 2 months.  I thought there was something wrong with you because you ate so much.   I watched you grow faster than anything I have ever seen in my entire life.

Then one day I noticed how you looked at me.  With these eyes that a boy only has for his mama.   And I melted.   It was official.  I was a boy mom.

I will be at the soccer fields.  I will be the one screaming the loudest when you score the winning touchdown.  I will know all about video games.  I will refuse, but I am sure at some point in my life you will make me go see Monster Jam and ride a ridiculously fast roller coaster.   And I will love it.  Or at least pretend to.

I will teach you how to be a great man.  How to be respectful and courageous.  To be generous but wise.  To take care of your sister.  I will mother you in the best way I know how.

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since the moment we first met.   I have watched you change from a tiny, sweet newborn baby to a daredevil, strong, lover of a one year old.  You have a heart of gold kid.   You are tough but you are a mush all at the same time.  And you have changed me in a way that only you could.

I am looking forward to the future.   I have never been more happy to have my life take a turn that led me down a road different from what I was expecting.  I am so lucky to have you and to be your mama.  Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Joey.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a son like you.

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Danielle Gambino
Danielle Gambino
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