To the Mom In the Awkward Middle Years

Those men’s belts are way too big for my 12 year old. That’s what I decided last week while I was standing in the middle of WalMart. A 42 inch belt would wrap around Ethan’s waist twice.

Where do they keep the belts for 90 lb 12 year olds?

What you need to know about middle school and mid-life.

And so, I did the thing we all do when we need to solve a problem. I pulled out my phone and sent a quick SOS to my friend. “Help! Where do I find the belts for kids?” Magically, a hand-drawn map popped up on my phone and I was able to find what I needed.

I picked the two-pack: the one with one black belt and one brown belt. The fact that Ethan won’t know which belt to wear with which pair of pants crosses my mind. 3 minutes later, I find myself wandering aimlessly in the men’s sock aisle. What socks does one wear with school uniform dress shorts and dress shoes?

How did my little boy’s feet get so big? Wasn’t I just in the children’s section?

These are the problems I attempt to solve when the bigger questions linger just so in the back of my brain- the questions I really want to ask:

How did we get HERE?-

That place where Ethan doesn’t sleep in footy pajamas, but the men’s belts are way too big.

That place where the kid’s table is too little and the adults aren’t quite ready to give him a seat.

That place where I can catch glimpses of the man he’s going to be, but he can’t be bothered to remember to shower without prompting.

He’s planted right here on the middle line.

Amy Fritz
Amy Fritz
Amy Fritz is a wife, mom, and writer. She is passionate about encouraging women in their faith, connecting them to each other and to God’s Word and she loves to offer hope who women who are in transition. She and her husband live near Nashville, TN and homeschool their three children. You can find her at her blog, Facebook or Twitter.

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