Mom Reveals the One Phrase That Gets Kids to Listen and Will Bring Peace to Your Home

Destini says she and her daughter are “both stakeholders in the company that is our household.”

Rather than reminding your kid of how much stake you have in the company, Destini suggests reminding them of what’s at stake. She gives the example of her daughter not wanting to go to bed. Instead of disciplining her into what could be a very messy and emotional night time routine, Destini reminds her daughter of how much fun they have in the morning, and how oversleeping, or not enough sleep could disrupt the time she enjoys most in the morning.

“This is how this company stays afloat,” Destini says, reiterating the idea that she and her child are a team, and things are better for both of them when they operate as a team.

It’s give and take with a side of grace, and we’re here for it. And so are the hundreds of TikTok users who left comments on Destini’s video.

“Love this! Saying ‘we’re a team’ helped my husband and me so much in our early years of marriage,” one person said, adding that she’s due with her first child and plans to implement it the same way.

Another user praised Destini’s comparison to work life saying it’s super helpful. “Sometimes as adults, we forget what it’s like to feel ‘small.’”

“I use ‘we’re a team’ multiple times a day to my toddler, and it works better than any threat,” another commented.

Destini closes her video by reminding viewers that life with kids is never easy, affectionately calling her aformentioned company, “Chaos Incorporated.” And while it’s not easy, there are small ways like this mindset of “collaboration leads to cooperation” that can help us out along the way.

Bri Lamm
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