Mom’s Photo of Her Kindergartener Being ‘Totally Over’ Virtual Learning Goes Viral

virtual learning

A 5-year-old is going viral this week after a photo of his response to virtual learning perfectly summed up how we all feel about 2020.

Kara McDowell of Mesa, Arizona, snapped the picture of her son, Graham, back in August on his third day of Kindergarten.

“My Kindergartner on a 40 minute video call is a total mood,” McDowell captioned the photo on Twitter, where it has since been “liked” over 58,000 times.

In an interview with Good Morning America, the mother of three says she had stepped away from Graham to help her older son with his classwork. When she came back to him flopped across his chair, she just HAD to share it with others.

“Everyone thought it was funny,” McDowell said. “I think if you’re in school or working from home and doing anything over a long video, call you can relate to being totally over it.”

Graham’s Kindergarten class starts at 8 a.m. and is scheduled to be online until 1:20 p.m., with several breaks in between.

McDowell later shared another picture of Graham from the same day which perfectly captured the contrast of what it’s like to be adjusting to online learning. In this one, Graham is totally engaged, smiling, and happily sharing his stuffed animal for “show and tell.”

McDowell said her kids’ teachers are trying their best to make the most of what they’ve been given this year. She hopes they will all be able to reconvene in-person-learning very soon!

“I’m sure they didn’t expect to teach kids to read over a screen,” she added. “They’re doing the best they can and I have no complaints about the teachers.”

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