To the Teachers Who Say ‘Yes’

When my son’s teacher friend-requested me on Facebook, I stumbled upon a post of hers that seemed unusual.

It was a picture of her holding a chalkboard sign that read, “She said YES!”

She’s already married, so it struck me as odd…until I read the caption.

This post, by this one particular hero, was about saying yes to becoming a teacher in an autism-specific classroom. She went on to describe this job offer as her “dream,” “an answer to prayer.” I couldn’t stop crying, then and now, because it was in that moment I realized how lucky we are to have found the right place and people for my son.

I didn’t choose to have special needs children but these teachers did. Every day they willingly walk into a job that requires more work than we can possibly imagine. And they’re doing it happily. Faithfully! Honorably! They wanted this. They wanted my child. In a world that often says, “change who you are” they are saying, “come to me as is.”

So I’ve given them my son and in return they’ve given my family hope.

I don’t know many people selfless enough to love a child who isn’t their own. To seek their best interest above the easier way. But I know a handful of them now and I bow down.

Because the truth is, the only reason I can breathe and begin again as a woman is because for a few hours a day these teachers relieve me as a mother.

They say, “it takes a village,” and educators are the mighty among that. They are doing the hard, often thankless work of molding children, and they are doing it every day without complaint.

So to all the teachers out there who graciously give so others can grow…

Who see a whole child, not a missing piece…

Thank you for saying YES.


Stephanie Hanrahan
Stephanie Hanrahan
Stephanie Hanrahan is wife to a sick husband, mother to special needs kiddos, and a woman who often unravels then finds her footing again. Learn how she traded her pretending for a panty liner on her blog, Tinkles Her Pants (, where she leaks nothing but the truth.

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