What Moms Need to Tell Middle School Girls About Friendship

9. Know the difference between committed friends and casual friends. Committed friends are the kind you carry through life. They have your back and will stand in your corner even if they’re your last friends standing. Casual friends are the kind you have for a season of life, maybe a few seasons. You have fun together and your personalities click, but there isn’t a great deal of loyalty.

Committed friends make up a small portion of your social network. Casual friends make up a large part.

10. Be kind, and keep in mind that kindness is more important than popularity.  Can kind girls be popular? Of course! But making popularity your ultimate goal is a bad idea because you’ll do anything to impress the “right” people, even compromise your values.

The better option is to make kindness your goal and treat everyone with equal respect, from the custodian of your school to the principal. This kindness flyer has some helpful hints, so hang it up in your bedroom or bathroom to keep your head and heart in a good place.

Change is hard — but change is also good. Change makes us stretch beyond our comfort zones and grow in new directions. And while the fluid nature of middle school — and trying to keep old friendships while exploring new ones — is an adjustment, it can strengthen your faith if you seek peace in God’s stability when your life seems so uncertain.

By embracing change rather than fearing it, and trusting it will all work out, you can keep the right attitude and look forward to what’s ahead as your relationships expand and deepen.

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Kari Kampakis
Kari Kampakis
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