Thriving Marriage: 5 Things Your Husband Wants You To Know

For us, it’s exploring new downtown areas, finding restaurants that are unique with a different atmosphere, touring model homes and watching movies together.

I suggest sitting down and planning some dates out together.  Ask each other, “What do you have the most fun doing in life? What do you really look forward to and enjoy and how can we do more fun things together?”

4. Your Husband Wants You to Want Him

Just like women can feel like guys are “just putting the time in” on dates, guys can feel like women are “just putting the time in” when it comes to sex.

Ladies, you know how you can go out on a date with your man and still not feel connected to him? It seems like his mind was a million miles away. In that same way, guys feel like your mind can be a million miles away during sex.  Most guys, they’re not interested in just having sex, they’re interested in sexual fulfillment.

There is a big difference.

Sexual fulfillment happens when men feel wanted sexually by their wife.  Men want to feel like they are satisfying their wife in this area. They want you to look forward to sex, and know that you’re engaged and enjoying the experience as much as they are.  When a man feels like your mind is a million miles away and you’re not interested in sex, over time he will become defeated, disinterested and stop pursuing you in other areas of romance.  That’s a very dangerous road to go down.

Ladies, we know you have so much on your mind, but we need you to make an effort. Do what you can to make your man feel like you want him in the bedroom.  It’s vital that we feel loved and desired by you in this way.

5. Your Husband Wants You to know You’re His Top Priority

Guys are not always the best at loving their wives in the way that their wives need to be loved.  That’s not an excuse it’s just true.  I feel like my wife loves me so much better than I love her.  But that motivates me to get better.  We want you to know that our wives and family are our top priority.  We’re constantly thinking about you and trying to be better for you. The problem is, we don’t always say it.

A lot of times we’ll show it by doing things for you and for the family.  I know that’s not what women need, but I do believe that it is important for women to encourage their husbands when they see them making an effort to do something nice, or to be romantic.

If a guy puts forth the effort, but you reject it or point out the flaw in it, eventually he will stop trying because he will think he can’t win.  Men are wired so differently than women, but the truth is: they want to provide for you, they want to give you security, they want to be the leader and hero of the family and they want you to admire them.  They are thinking of ways to love you but don’t always do the best job at communicating it.

Megan Rea
Megan Rea
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