Thriving Marriage: 5 Things Your Husband Wants You To Know

2. Your Husband Wants to be Respected

A man can spend his whole day at work “putting out fires,” fixing problems and solving issues.  Some men go to work everyday and what they’re doing is literally changing the world.  At work, they’re admired and at work, they’re respected.  Then many times they walk in the door of their home and are treated like morons.

I get it, wives work really hard all day long; running their homes and many times outside jobs in an exceptionally organized manor.  And because you work so hard and perhaps he doesn’t do as much around the house, you may feel the right to treat him like an idiot. Your frustration can cause you to make fun of him both in private and in public. And thatlack of respect only pushes your husband further and further away.

Ladies, If you want that husband of yours to crave spending time with you, if you want to be swept off your feet again and treated like the princess that you are, then stop beating him down with disrespect.  Treat him with admiration; take care of his needs before your own, go out of your way to do little things for him. Pack him lunch; take care of him.  When he walks through the door, let him rest and catch his breath for a minute before you throw the kids and a whole list of things to do at him.

If you make your home a safe haven of love and respect, then he will not only be excited to come home and spend time with you and the family, but he will have the strength to treat you the way you’re longing to be treated.

3. Your Husband Wants to Have Fun with You

Most married couples stop having fun together at some point and just start “putting the time in” together.  Guys will take their wives shopping, or do other things they know their wives enjoy in an effort to make them happy.  Men can easily fall into the trap of having fun with other guys and just “putting the time in” with their wives.  The truth is most guys want to have fun with their wives.  They want to do fun things together!  They want to laugh with you until their stomach hurts and they want to get really excited about spending time with you.  Because opposites attract more often than not, many husbands and wives are not into the same things. Yet, it is still really important to have fun hobbies you both look forward to together.

Mine and my wife’s interests couldn’t be more opposite.  She loves shopping and musicals and vegetables and I like golf and football and chicken wings. We honestly have to work really hard to find things that we have fun doing together.  But over the years, we’ve at least found a few. 😉

Megan Rea
Megan Rea
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