Thriving Marriage: 5 Things Your Husband Wants You To Know

I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at my wife from across a room and said, “Man, that girl is beautiful!” but that thought doesn’t make its way to my lips and I never communicate it to her.  There are so many times that I see my wife doing something that I am so impressed with and I think the world of her, but I never verbalize it and she may never know that I think it.  Not making excuses, just being honest.

So please know, even when he doesn’t communicate it, he is usually thinking about you.  And If he does say something to you, make a big deal about him verbalizing what he is thinking.  We like admiration. See #1 & #2

In short, In the majority of healthy marriages, your husband wants you to know that you’re loved with all of their heart.  When they look at you, they still see that girl they fell in love with.

It is not too late to rediscover love and passion in your marriage! They great thing is, you can take steps towards each other beginning right now.

Until next time,

Chris… & Meg


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Megan Rea
Megan Rea
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