Life Crises That Impact Marriages

When dealing with major life crises, let God handle what you and your spouse cannot.

I remember a story from my childhood regarding friends a few houses down from ours. Nine-year-old Karen ran into her parent’s bedroom to answer the phone. In her rush, she knocked over her father’s loaded gun and it discharged when it hit the floor, killing her instantly.

Life is filled with stories like this. They are examples of a major crisis that dramatically changes our lives and how we relate to each other. Times like this can put a huge strain on marital relationships. Things like miscarriages, job losses, and financial collapse add an emotional stress that limits our capacity to support and encourage each other because we are all dealing with the same pain. It is hard to give comfort when you are needing it yourself. Pain can be all consuming and it is hard for others to lean on us when we can barely hold up.

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Staff Writer
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