Why You Need a Divorce

 “I sinned and twisted the truth, but it wasn’t worth it. God rescued me from the grave, and now my life is filled with light.” Job 33:27-28

I think every single one of us needs a divorce in our lives. Married, single, engaged; we all need one. The definition of divorce is to separate or cut ties. As humans, we are in a constant state of struggling with resentment and selfishness, bitterness and pride. We are redeemed post-fall meaning that these struggles are no longer “human nature”. We can’t continue to rest on the laurels that we are allowed a certain amount of sin because Adam and Eve ate a freaking apple. When are you going to look at the root of your problems and stop placing blame on yourself, your partner, and the people around you? Your pride isn’t helping you; it’s causing a very real and tangible death every second you allow it to have sway in your life.

God can restore anything, and that includes the marriage that you believe to be dead or unworthy of effort, the friendships you once valued, and the dream that you thought died so long ago. Don’t believe me? Watch what He can do.

I dare you.


This article originally appeared at DearAdelaideRosalie.com.

Shea Sweet
Shea Sweet
Shea is a 23 year old single mother of 10 month old Adelaide, and a follower of the Most High King. Having gone through everything from miscarriage and infertility, to divorce, and with her current season of  single motherhood, she's been through it all. Shea is a hairdresser in Dallas, Texas, and started sharing her thoughts and experiences in writing through her current project, dearadelaiderosalie.com. Between the bittersweet existence that is being a single mother and her experiences growing up in a broken family, Shea has a heart for single parents and a passion for helping them beat the stereotype. You can follow Shea and Adelaide on instagram.com/shea.sweet

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