Dear Parents, Please Stop Saving Your Children

One of the things I hate to see most is a missed opportunity of learning or growing for a child because the parents swooped in and saved the day, unaware of the learning opportunity they just stole from their child.

So, rather than solving their problems for them, give them the tools to try and solve them on their own. I always tell my students that when they encounter a problem, first I want them to try and solve it on their own. If that doesn’t work, then, I want them to come to me so I can help them. Our kids need to know that we (parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, etc.) are all here to help them, but not always to save them. It is all about empowering them to be bold enough to stand up for themselves, advocate for what they need, and have the courage to be kind to others. We want them to know how to talk to others when they are upset, how to own up to their actions, and how to accept the consequences of their choices.

This only comes with struggle. And as a parent, sitting on the sidelines and letting the struggle happen is painful, but it is necessary.

I know how much you love your child, so as a teacher, I promise you these things. I will be fair with your child. I will help them learn from their mistakes, but I will also let them know it is okay to mess up. I will help them make friends when they are lonely, and I will coach them through the moments where someone is unkind to them. I will give them an extra squeeze when they just need some loving, and I will always listen to what they have to tell me. I will be sure that my classroom is a place where they want to be. A place where they feel valued, safe, and loved. I will be sure they know I am on their side and I am here to help them.

So please, stop saving your child. Let them grow. I promise, they will be okay. I’ll be sure of it.

A Teacher

Morgan Colander
Morgan Colander
Morgan is a second grade teacher, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of all things involving adventure. While she adores her time in the classroom, she fills her every moment outside of it traveling, climbing mountains, and spending time with her favorite people. Follow along with her blog ( to read the letters she writes to her little sister revealing all the things life is teaching her

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