How to Practice Self Care Without Feeling Mom Guilt

4. Visit Grandparents 

Sometimes even moms might think, “I need my mom.” Taking your kids to visit their grandparents has endless benefits for everyone involved. For your kids, multi-generational playtime can expose them to new hobbies, like gardening or painting, and improve their self-worth

For the grandparents, playing with children can help boost their mood and fitness levels. And mom, whether you’re taking part in the activities or just dropping the kids off to run some errands, leaning on your parents will remind you that you’re not alone. You have a support system, and with all the benefits of giving your kids time with their grandparents, there’s no reason to feel guilty about stepping away for an hour or two. 

5. Prepare Healthy Meals

You know fast food isn’t the healthiest for you and your family. But who has the energy to cook at the end of a busy day?

One solution is to get your meal-prep game on-point. It only takes a little time to prepare freezer-ready meals that you can toss in the pressure cooker on busy work nights, minimizing your stress and mess. Eating healthier will also boost your energy, so the added time of cooking on a Sunday night will save you from wasting time feeling exhausted throughout the week. 

6. Celebrate Naptime

If your little ones are still young enough to enjoy naps, take advantage of this time to practice a bit of self care — at least one day per week. Yes, you often have to catch up on work during this time, but your mental and physical health matter, too.

Instead of hopping right on the computer to crunch that budget report, set aside one day per week to do nothing during naptime. The only rule is that you can’t tackle any outside responsibilities. That block is yours for reading a book, mindlessly scrolling through social media, or taking a nap yourself.

7. Dance Like No One’s Watching

Dance might be the ultimate exercise and self care for busy moms with little ones at home. It can actually help keep your mind sharp. Researchers investigated the effect of several activities on cognitive function, from riding a bike to doing a crossword puzzle. Dance emerged as the clear winner for reducing Alzheimer’s risk.

Best of all, you can increase your little one’s exercise quotient at the same time. Why not challenge your child to a dance-off in your living room? You’ll both benefit from the movement and strengthen your bond while toning your muscles and having fun.

Cora Gold
Cora's passion is to inspire others to live a happy, healthful, mindful life – by wholeheartedly convincing them that everyday moments are worth celebrating. Cora has spent 5+ years writing for numerous lifestyle sites - hence her sincere love for both life and the beauty of style in all things.

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