How to Practice Self Care Without Feeling Mom Guilt

8. Spend Time in the Great Outdoors

Getting outside more has tons of health advantages. It’s also the ideal way to practice self care without feeling mom guilt. There’s no need to feel bad about taking your kids to the playground for the afternoon.

Go somewhere with lots of trees — it will boost your immune health. Plants emit phytoncides, chemicals that stimulate human immunity when you inhale them.

Furthermore, expose your skin whenever possible. Doing so helps you generate natural vitamin D, a hormone your body produces in sunlight. Sufficient intake can also help improve immune system functionality.

9. Relax in a Bath

Once the littles go to bed, it’s time to indulge in guilt-free self care. It doesn’t take too much effort to draw a bath, and you’ll thank yourself for the effort the moment you sink into the sudsy bubbles. Bring a novel to enjoy a little reading time.

You can elevate your bath by stealing a tip from the celebrity set. Tea baths let your skin absorb the goodness from your brew. Lavender and chamomile are popular choices for helping you drift into dreamland.

Practice Self Care Without Feeling Mom Guilt

Busy moms deserve to indulge themselves! You should never feel bad about doing something for your health or happiness, but feelings of guilt are inevitable when you have other responsibilities to manage. Remember to prioritize yourself to give your best to those you love. Follow the seven tips above to practice self care without mom guilt.

Cora Gold
Cora's passion is to inspire others to live a happy, healthful, mindful life – by wholeheartedly convincing them that everyday moments are worth celebrating. Cora has spent 5+ years writing for numerous lifestyle sites - hence her sincere love for both life and the beauty of style in all things.

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