Mama, It’s OK to be Both

Lean in ladies. This is important. We all know motherhood isn’t glamorous. Yeah, ok, understatement of the year. You’re right. Let’s rephrase. We all know motherhood is dirty, sticky, frazzled, mucky, tired, greasy, soiled, grubby… it’s gross. Motherhood is gross. It’s beautiful, but it’s not glamorous.

Remember who you used to be before you had kids? When you had time to do your hair and makeup? When you made time for yourself to work out and get the appropriate amount of rest? When you could sit quietly and read a book or treat yourself to a new outfit? Remember her?

I am a mother. I have 3 small people who rely on me to feed them and bathe them and teach them and play with them and hold them and discipline them and all the stuff in between.

You know what else I am? I am a woman. One who likes to do my hair and makeup and put on a shirt sometimes that isn’t covered in residue from toothpaste face smashes or dirt covered fingerprints. I enjoy feeling feminine. Does that make me less of a mom? Nope.

It’s ok to be both.

A little louder for the people in the back.


You are not neglecting your children if you choose to take care of yourself too.

Shhhh… scroll up. Read that again. Slower this time. Ok, now continue.

I’m not suggesting you get dolled up every day of the week or paint your face because you’re trying to impress anyone. But girl if it makes you feel better to slap on some mascara and throw some curls in your hair – don’t you dare let anyone make you feel bad about it.

I’m also not suggesting you do any of the above if it doesn’t make you feel good. Maybe it’s throwing your hair up and reading a book in complete silence. Maybe it’s pulling out your computer and typing a blog post that helps you process your thoughts. Maybe it’s a yoga class or a peaceful 20 minute walk with fresh air. For me, it’s doing my hair and makeup and getting done up now and again. Whatever it is… don’t be ashamed to want it and don’t be ashamed to DO IT.

Be a mother. Give the snuggles. Hold the hands. Make the food. Wipe the bums. Clean all the things. But in the process of all that, don’t forget to be you. You are still that woman, just a newer, more enhanced model.

I felt beautiful in both of these pictures. And it’s ok to be both.

Nicki Snyder
I am raising 3 boys, twin 7 year olds and a 3 year old, **pause for reaction** and could not imagine my life any other way. I work full time, and yes live my life surrounded by video games, handmade weapons, sports, dirt, and cleaning urine off of everything. I have been married for 12 years and we're navigating this crazy parenting thing together taking it day by day. My career is marketing in the motorcycle industry and I love to find humor in my life and bring smiles to others through my crazy life stories.

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