Jordan Lee Dooley: Equipping Everyday Gals to Lead Purposeful Lives

Jordan Lee Dooley, the mastermind behind the hit Instagram and blog Soul Scripts, started out as an Etsy shop owner and then grew her blog into a full, successful business.

“Soul Scripts was the very first name God ever put on my heart,” said Dooley in a recent Heroes for Her podcast with Erin Weidemann. “It really just started out as arts and crafts. Soul Scripts originally meant calligraphy and I was calligraphing bible verses. I started doodling on canvases and mugs and just kind of doing it as a hobby, it was kind of my creative outlet. And then God kind of gave me a challenge.”

Deciding to cut out the middle man, Dooley closed the shop and chose to focus on the message.  

“I didn’t even understand what a blog was at the time, I just knew everyone had them on their website, so I thought I had to have one.” She said. “It makes perfect sense because I’ve always been a writer. When I was five years old other girls played with barbie dolls, I wrote short stories. So, it kind of slowly revealed itself over time.”

Growing up in Indiana, Dooley says she had a really close relationship with her mom, which she has come to realize is key to so much of what she’s doing now.

“It was a very open, very vulnerable relationship where I never had to hide anything or questions that I had,” Dooley said. “She was just really great with having those discussion that needed to be had.”

When she went away to college it was a time of self-discovery and growing. Going to a big state school, Dooley was exposed to many different perspectives and had decide to make her faith her own through some soul searching.

“College was a major time of growth in my life,” she said. “I got involved in a sorority, which is somewhere I never said I would go.”

During her time in the sorority, she gained a lot of insight into women and girls and what she says sisterhood can mask itself to look like, as well as what friendship means on a deeper level.

Being very intentional with her friendships at that time, Dooley made friends with many people on a surface level, but really learned the value of what it takes to have strong female friendships.

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