Cleveland Billboards Say Abortion is a “Blessing” and “A Parenting Decision”

abortion billboards

Ohio’s largest abortion clinic, grossly named “Preterm” (really? REALLY?), is pushing a new “abortion positive” campaign in its hometown of Cleveland. Apparently abortion needs some good PR, and Preterm is doing its best to put a happy face on the killing of an unborn child.

Along with the billboards, Preterm has these downloadable graphics available on their website:

abortion billboards

The graphics and abortion billboards have a “fill-in-the blank” motif, reading “Abortion is…” ending with a different positive word or phrase in the blank, such as:

  • “Abortion is a family value.”

  • “Abortion is a blessing.”

  • “Abortion is hope.”

  • “Abortion is a parenting decision.”

  • “Abortion is life-saving.”

  • “Abortion is good medicine.”

  • “Abortion is healthcare.”

  • “Abortion is necessary.”

  • “Abortion is safer than childbirth.”

  • “Abortion is normal.”

  • “Abortion is liberty.”

  • “Abortion is a second chance.”

  • “Abortion is right for me.”

I am pro-life and very much believe that abortion is WRONG, that it is the killing of the most defenseless, helpless form on human life, truly, “the least of these.” I am however, not without compassion for those who seek an abortion because they find themselves in a desperate place. As a Christian, I believe it is ALL of our place to fight abortion by financially and practically supporting crisis pregnancy centers, foster care and foster families, adoption and adoptive families, and single parents who have chosen life for their kids. I DO have the utmost compassion for those desperate enough to truly believe that the taking of an innocent life is the only way out of their bad situation. Christ-followers, I pray that we are not only advocates for life, but that we live in obedience and help raise these children. The church has to be the voice for the voiceless, but also the hands and the feet.

I know that as a Christ-follower, I should have compassion for those who run an abortion clinic that profits off of the taking of these precious lives, those who seek to destroy those little souls for profit with a PR campaign that tells people in crisis, “Abortion is sacred.” (It’s on their website. And I had a physically sick reaction just typing that.) I should have compassion, but it’s a struggle. When I dig deep past my fleshly indignation and anger, the truth is, my heart breaks for them and I want them to know my Jesus. And that is not at ALL out of line with how I feel about their ghastly “abortion positive” campaign.

Please, friends, do not allow the myth that abortion is GOOD for anyone to be perpetuated. But put your money where your MOUTH IS: support the programs and resources that offer help to those who have chosen to bring their sweet children into the world. Volunteer, give money, BE THERE in a practical way. If the only way you support life is with your vote, you’re not doing NEARLY enough to fight against a campaign that tells the world that having an abortion is the best thing they can do for themselves and the world at large. And while you’re at it, PRAY. Pray for the hearts of those in the business of profiting from abortion to be changed.


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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.