4 Ways Your Family Can Celebrate Halloween in an Eco-friendly Way

Between deciding what they want to be, trick-or-treating for a night and having an endless amount of candy, it’s no wonder why Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for kids. But keep in mind that your kid’s Halloween experience is just as important as making sure that we’re continuously helping to take care of the Earth. With all the extra waste that’s being created in the world, there are so many ways that our kids can have an amazing Halloween but also one that’s helping the Earth! Keep reading on to find out some ways that you and your family can enjoy a healthier, more eco-friendly version of Halloween. 

4 Ways Your Family Can Celebrate Halloween in an Eco-friendly Way

1. Have Your Kids Carpool or Walk Around the Neighborhood

Depending on where your kids are planning to trick-or-treat, you’ll find that you and your little ones can either walk the whole night or may have to use a car for assistance. If the latter, use a carpool system for trick-or-treating. There’s no reason for every family to take separate cars if everyone is going to the same place! Designate a main meeting spot before the trick-or-treating begins and have everyone jump in as many of the same cars as possible. This will help lower your carbon footprint while also allowing your kids to socialize with each other as much as possible. However, if the houses are close together enough where walking is possible, avoid using gas emissions and walk around the neighborhood instead! Not only will this help get your extra steps in, but it will also help expend a lot of energy. 

2. Apply Safe Personal Care Products

Depending on what your kids decide to be for Halloween this year, hair and makeup might be included. Because we all want our kids to be healthy, make sure they’re applying the safest kind of personal care products. The easiest way to do this is by using makeup and hair products labeled vegan and cruelty-free. This will ensure that they’re applying products with zero chemicals and only the most natural ingredients. If your kids need to change their hair color for their costume, skip out on the wig and go for a healthier alternative of hair dye instead. Using vegan, cruelty-free hair dye will help reduce extra waste and have your kids applying only the safest and healthiest ingredients to their hair. 

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