25 Captivating Images That Bring You to the Doorsteps of the World’s Poorest Children

While traveling with Compassion International, a collection of photographers were each given the opportunity to visit the homes of children living in extreme poverty. Each photographer was drawn to the doors of these homes—finding that these doors each have a way of foretelling a rather striking story.

Through their lenses, you will find yourself confronted with the same simple, disruptive thought that inspired each photographer to take these pictures:

The people behind these doors are simply extraordinary.



Sometimes a door shows resilience.

The people behind these doors face a daily struggle against preventable diseases—but they do not complain. Their doors do their best to protect against torrential rains, malaria-carrying mosquitos, and disease-filled rodents, while inside children laugh and play.

Behind these doors, you’ll find resourceful families facing difficult journeys.




For the children behind these doors, a world of chaos and violence awaits outside. Despite the constant threat of gangs, addicts, and traffickers who inhabit their world, these children dream of a future where they are one of the good guys.

Behind these doors, you’ll find children who courageously dream of better days.







Sometimes, a door can let hope in.

In these villages, you’ll find families with little resources. Their homes are humble and small, sometimes bound together with whatever materials they could find. But you’ll not find embarrassed or pitiful people her. Behind these doors, you’ll find families with brave spirits and thankful hearts.

Behind these doors, the children often become beacons of hope for entire families.

Lairs Johnston
Lairs Johnston
Lairs is the Marketing Director for Save the Storks. Born and raised in Bellingham, Washington, Lairs acclimated easily to the cold weather of Colorado Springs but has yet to be okay with the lack of any form of water. With a fascination for sports and music and a passion for people, snowboarding, and rock climbing, Lairs is a perfect fit for this city! He’s 30 but reads at a 32 year old level. With a desire to foster and adopt, Lairs sees how kids don’t eliminate dreams, they fulfill them.

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