Christian Film ‘I Still Believe’ Ranks #1 — Top Romantic Movie for 2020

Seventeen’s Top Romantic Movies for 2020

Here are the movies that made’s “7 Most Romantic Movies Premiering in 2020”:

#1: I Still Believe (not yet rated)

#2: What About Love (Not yet rated in US, but 18+ in other countries)

#3: Emma (Rated PG)

#4: West Side Story (Not yet rated; the original was ratedG)

#5: The Photograph (Rated PG)

#6: The Lovebirds (Rated PG-13)

#7: Monster Problems (Rated PG-13)

Christine Yount Jones
Christine Yount Jones
Christine Yount Jones is Content Director for Outreach Media Group. She has published several books and hundreds of articles about ministry in the last three decades. Before his death in 2003, Michael Yount and Christine had three children. Now, she and her husband, Ray Jones, together have five grown kids.

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