This Moving Song About Motherhood + Olympics Commercials = Instant Tears

jj heller olympics

Recording artist JJ Heller has long been known for her unique, inspirational Christian folk songs. Her talent is truly unique in the “Christian contemporary music” world. But chances are, if you’re a mom, the JJ Heller song you will identify with most is 2017’s “Paving the Runway.”

Just one listen had me in TEARS, oh my word. I’ve gone through some hard developmental delay type-stuff with two of my three kids, and let’s just say, I’ve PAVED THAT RUNWAY over and over. And I’ll keep on paving it until they’re ready to fly. Here are some of Heller’s heart-rending lyrics:

Go after your dreams, as crazy as they may seem
Go chase all the stars in the sky
Baby, I’ll be paving the runway
‘Cause I know that one day you’re gonna fly

Darling, stand on my shoulders
Up where it’s carefree, simple and good
Baby, soon you’ll be older
You will reach higher than I ever could

If ever your wings, are tired and broken things
Can’t see through the tears in your eyes
Baby, I’ll be paving the runway
‘Cause I know that one day you’re gonna fly

I mean seriously. HOW are my mom emotions supposed to hold up under that kind of strain? LOL.

HOW-EV-ER, it was recently revealed on the JJ Heller Facebook page that the artist had some serious GOALZ for Paving the Runway from the song’s inception.  Yesterday, she posted this status:

Here’s the deal. Ever since I recorded this song (Paving The Runway) I had a secret hope it would be in a commercial for the Olympics. That hasn’t happened yet, so just for fun, Dave spliced together some footage from preexisting P&G commercials to make our own version. Fingers crossed this will give filmmakers the vision to use this song in a REAL commercial someday! In the meantime, this literally makes me cry every time I see it. GO MOMS!!! 😭🏂🥇

Now, I am an “Olympaholic” and I am GLUE TO THE TV during every Olympics. Winter, summer, I don’t care, I’m THERE with my American flag and my box of tissues. And the Procter and Gamble “P&G Thank You Mom” commercials always make me WEEEEEP when I see the band of mothers behind these amazing athletes.

Basically, this JJ Heller Olympics song is gonna make you cry even MORE BUCKETS

So, JJ Heller’s “Paving the Runway” paired with scenes from the P&G “Thank you Mom” Olympics commercials?

SLAYED ME DEAD. I’m dead you guys. I have died of ALL THE EMOTIONS. RIP me.

So grab your box of tissues, and thank JJ Heller for your ugly cry today. WHEW! This wins a gold medal for BEAUTIFUL! <3

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