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Geraldine Renton
I am Ger; wife to D and mother to three wonderful boys; Ethan, J and toddling D. We live in Ireland. I write about our life and the lessons my boys have thought me. Ethan has a terminal condition; J has ADHD and the toddler runs the house! We are trying to learn how to live, love and laugh again after Ethans diagnosis (of Hunter Syndrome ) in 2008. Ethan has thought us many things; the three L's being the most important -live, love and laugh. ..life is indeed too short. Follow me at my blog, GeraldineRenton.com and Ethan's Facebook page.


Luke P

Why I Hope My Daughters Marry a Man Like Luke P.

Christian men need us to have their backs, right? Because the world is not kind to Bible-believing Christian men.

Today Was a Crappy Day