What Are Your Kids Saying? 23 Slang Words and Their Meanings

The world of slang is always evolving, and 2024 has introduced a fresh batch of terms that are quickly gaining popularity. The new slang words have left many parents scratching their heads over what in the world is coming out of their kids’ mouths. Here’s a guide to some of the hottest slang words you might encounter this year.

23 Slang Words and Their Meanings

1. Skibidi

Meaning: “Skibidi” is a slang term that originated from a series of TikTok videos posted in 2022. The videos feature Yasin Cengiz rhythmically moving his midriff to the song “Dom Dom Yes Yes” by Biser King, and the word “skibidi” is derived from the song’s lyrics. When sped up, the chorus lyrics “so give it to me, give it to me” sound like “skibidi”. The term has evolved into slang used among children and teens, meaning either “bad” or “cool” depending on context.

Example: “Let’s do the skibidi dance at the party tonight!”

2. Rizzler

Meaning: A person with exceptional charisma or charm, especially when it comes to romantic interactions. Derived from the term “rizz,” which means to attract or seduce.

Example: “Jake is such a rizzler; he can make anyone laugh.”

3. Drip

Meaning: Refers to a person’s stylish or fashionable appearance, particularly their clothing or accessories.

Example: “Check out her drip—she always dresses so well.”

4. Bop

Meaning: A catchy song or tune that is very enjoyable to listen to.

Example: “That new song is such a bop, I can’t stop playing it.”

5. Bet

Meaning: A term used to express agreement or confirmation, similar to saying “okay” or “sure.”

Example: “Can you help me move this weekend?” “Bet.”

6. No Cap

Meaning: Used to emphasize that someone is telling the truth or being serious, akin to saying “no lie.”

Example: “That movie was amazing, no cap.”

7. Yeet

Meaning: An exclamation of excitement or approval, often used when throwing something with force.

Example: “I just yeeted that ball across the field!”

8. Flex

Meaning: To show off or boast about something, typically possessions or achievements.

Example: “He’s always flexing his new car on social media.”

9. Salty

Meaning: Feeling bitter or upset about something, usually a minor inconvenience.

Example: “She got salty when she lost the game.”

10. FOMO

Meaning: Acronym for “Fear Of Missing Out,” describing the anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere.

Example: “I’ve got serious FOMO about that concert I missed.”

11. Lit

Meaning: Describes something that is exciting, fun, or excellent.

Example: “That party last night was lit!”

12. Goat

Meaning: Acronym for “Greatest Of All Time,” used to describe someone who is the best in their field.

Example: “Michael Jordan is the GOAT of basketball.”

13. Mood

Meaning: Used to express that something is relatable or reflective of one’s current feelings or situation.

Example: “Staying in bed all day is such a mood.”

14. Vibe

Meaning: Refers to the overall mood or feeling of a person, place, or situation.

Example: “This café has a really chill vibe.”

15. Slaps

Meaning: Used to describe something, especially music, that is excellent or hits hard.

Example: “That new album slaps!”

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