Holiness Over Happiness

What if God created us for holiness instead of happiness? Our friendships, our relationships, our jobs — what if they were all supposed to be a dedicated act to God instead of just fulfilling to us? How often does it cross your mind to be intentionally holy for the kingdom of God?

Lately, my tiny humans have been studying dictionary skills for the STAAR test, (yay). Therefore, I decided to use a dictionary to look up the words holy and happy to truly break down and understand each definition. (My class would be super excited about this, y’all).

Here are the definitions that I found:

Holy (adjective) – Dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred.

Happy (adjective) – Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

What I concluded from these definitions is that happiness is a feeling and holiness is a choice. The feeling of happiness is based on emotions that can change like the wind, but holiness is a dedicated act of worship day in and day out. Both happiness and holiness might look different to each person. For example, some people might be happy running five miles a day — I personally would be crying before the first mile was over. Some people are able to spend an hour in prayer in the mornings and some people may just be thanking God that they made it to work on time.

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