10 Rules Our Kids Should Live By

1. Always hold the door for the person behind you. Man or woman, you’ll make them remember the faith in humanity they used to have.

2. Be kind. Use your manners, offer a warm smile and a helping hand. People will always remember this about you.

3. Stick up for yourself. Know your worth. If someone tries to take advantage of you, open your mouth. Be your own biggest champion, always.

4. Remember that people change. You will change, but so will those around you. Some of your closest friends will become unrecognizable and others will change into amazing people.

5. Educate yourself. Never say no to an opportunity to learn something new. Knowledge really is power, and it will take you far.

6. Never be afraid to admit when you are struggling. You’ll learn who will be there for you and will come out stronger because of your vulnerability.

7. Be a good friend. Check-in with your people. Make plans. Spend time. Invest your time into those that reciprocate this and you will have excellent friends.

8. Blood doesn’t always equal family. You can share DNA with someone and still despise who they are. Yet, truly find your tribe among strangers.

9. Be flexible. Make plans but don’t get discouraged if they don’t always work out. Stuff happens, and sometimes it’s for the better!

10. You can always come home. I will always have a place for you, even long after you’ve grown. Even when I’m long gone, I’ll part the clouds in Heaven and listen to you whenever you need me.


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