To the Mom Who Got Out of Bed Today, I’m Proud of You

To the mom who got out of bed today,

I know you’re tired. I know you could have laid there all day if you had the chance. Instead, you put your feet on the floor, & got up anyway.

I’m proud of you.

To the mom who stays home with her children every day,

I know you miss adult conversations & having time to yourself. I know you feel cooped up sometimes. I know you’ve sacrificed a lot to be there. But staying home is what is best for you & your family.

I commend you.

To the mom who dropped off her kids at the sitter & went to work today,

I know it’s hard to trust others with your children. I know leaving them can be scary. I know you miss them tremendously, but you go to work to provide for your family. You go to work to give yourself a sense of purpose, & to pursue a career alongside motherhood.

I am inspired by you.

To the mom who breastfed her child today,

I know it’s been painful. I know how difficult it can be. I know how hard you’ve worked. I know you’ve sacrificed so much of your body, energy, & time, but with strength & dedication, your body is capable of producing all the nutrients your baby needs.

I congratulate you.

To the mom who bottle feeds her baby,

I know you may feel judged or misunderstood. I know you feel cheated by your body. I know how many bottles you have to wash & how much formula you have to buy, but bottle feeding is the best option for your family.

I support you.

To the mom who sleeps with her child every night,

I know you may not sleep through most nights. I know you miss sleeping alone with your spouse. I know you don’t love those cold feet in the small of your back, but you like having your baby close. Sleeping together makes you & your child feel safe.

I appreciate you.

To the mom whose child sleeps in the other room,

Taylor Halfpenny
Taylor Halfpenny
Taylor Halfpenny, born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, is a wife, mother and author of the blog Ticking Time Momb: Motherhood Exposed. With a lot of sarcasm and even more truth, Taylor shares stories about her day to day life as a mom, and exposes the brutal truths that most mothers don’t talk about. She hopes her honesty about motherhood will help mothers feel less alone in their chaos, and hopes to unite fellow ticking time “mombs” all over the world.

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