3 Game-Changing Questions to End Parenting Battles With Your Spouse

We’ve all heard the advice, right? Don’t fight with your spouse about parenting. Be a united team — especially in front of the kids.

You know this intuitively, and I’m sure that most of the time you and your spouse actually do agree about parenting decisions. It’s just those few difficult situations where you cannot come to agreement.

Keep reading for 3 questions you need ask about every parenting battle with your spouse.

 For the first 18 years of our marriage, my husband and I got along well. We rarely fought. We had differences in our parenting styles which sometimes caused ruffled feathers between us, but it was never a super huge problem.

Then a few years ago, one of our children started to have serious behavior issues. Despite the fact that we are united in our goals and values, suddenly it seemed like we were nit-picking and fighting about parenting decisions constantly. What was happening?

Sara Borgstede
Sara Borgstede
Sara Borgstede is a 100 lb weight loss success story, real wife, and super real mom. She is a triathlete, motivational speaker, and writer. A mom to 5 kids through birth and special needs adoption, Sara and her husband Mike were foster parents to 35 children. She blogs at www.saraborgstede.com and runs an online faith and fitness program at www.faithfulfinishlines.com. She lives in Aurora, CO with her husband, children, and three cats who eat potato chips.

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