Parents Demand Answers After Toddler is Brutally Bitten Under Daycare Worker’s Watch

Two Arizona parents are outraged this week after learning that their 15-month-old daughter had been violently bitten by another child at daycare under the caretaker’s watch.

Now Rylee Umstead and Rocio Enriquez are demanding answers.

Daycare workers at Sunrise Preschools in Maricopa, Arizona told Umstead Thursday that his daughter Mila had been [bitten] by another child during nap time.

But when he went to examine the bites, the father was “shocked” by what he found.

“I lifted up her shirt just a little bit, and it freaked me out.”

The toddler had at least eight painful bite marks covering various areas of her back.

When they pressed Sunrise Preschools for details, Enriquez says she was told that the daycare worker responsible for watching Mila, along with three other children, was busy changing another kiddo’s diaper when the incident happened.

Sunrise Preschools checked video surveillance which showed the attack but claimed that due to privacy policies, the footage could not be disclosed.

Mila was allegedly taking a nap in the library when the other child climbed on top of her and began biting her while the daycare worker was occupied. But what her mother doesn’t understand is how the caretaker didn’t notice or call for someone else to help.

“She had to have screamed multiple times,” Enriquez insisted.

The daycare worker has been “suspended without pay pending further investigation,” Sunrise Preschools said in a statement. And the child who dug their teeth into Mila has been expelled from the preschools, something Enriquez says doesn’t do this situation justice.

“Why is the child paying the consequences when it should be the teacher?” she told Fox 10 adding that the child doesn’t know any better, which is why they pay “trained individuals to watch the kids.”


Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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